Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Call for Paper: CENVIRON2019

My organization has organized one conference, namely CENVIRON2019. All reader is invited to submit the manuscript to this conference. The details of the conference can be referred to the CENVIRON2019 website (

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Best Engineering Programmes in Malaysia

Come and enroll our programmes, Civil Eng. (RK01) and Env. Eng. (RK07) at School of Environmental Eng., Universiti Malaysia Perlis. Both programmes have been accredited by Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia (EAC) and Board Engineering Malaysia (BEM).

Reasons why the UniMAP become a best choice for continue the study:

Monday, 25 February 2019

Aktiviti Pemetaan Menggunakan Drone di Sekitar Kampus Utama UniMAP

Pada 23hb Feb 2019, salah seorang pelajar Projek Tahun Akhir (PTA) menjalankan aktiviti PTA beliau, iaitu membuat pemetaan menggunakan drone bagi mengatasi masalah banjir kilat yang pernah terjadi di kampus utama UniMAP. Walaupun masalah banjir ini tidak serius dan merupakan kes terpencil, namun ianya menjadi salah satu kajian yang menarik, bagi melihat perubahan hujan dan menganggar kadar aliran air di sekitar kawasan kampus.

Dalam aktiviti drone, beberapa gambar yang diambil menggunakan drone akan dianalysis oleh software bagi mendapatkan kontour (contour) sebenar bagi kawasan kampus. Kemudian, contour tersebut akan dianalis dan dibahagikan kebeberapa kawasan tadahan hujan. Ciri-ciri kawasan tadahan serta beberapa parameter akan dimodelkan dalam HEC-HMS atau HEC-RAS bagi mendapatkan kesan hujan daripada beberapa senario hujan yang diberi.

Barikut antara aktiviti yang dijalankan oleh pelajar PTA berkenaan:

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Contour Lines from Points Shapefile (ArcGis)

This is a good tutorial on how to convert points shapefile to contour lines:

The summaries of the video as follows:

A: Points to Spatial Area (Contour)

  1. Using Topo to Raster plugin: ArxToolbox > Spatial Analyst Tools > Interpolation > Topo to Raster

  2. Then, select Input feature data > field (the z-value that we want) > Type > PointElevation

Points to Spatial Area

B: Contour to Contour Line

  1. Using Contour plugin: ArxToolbox > Spatial Analyst Tools > Surface > Contour

  2. Then, select Input Raster (tiff. from step A.) > Contour Interval (distance between two lines. if the interval between line is 20mm, select 20. It is not the no. of contour interval)

Friday, 4 January 2019

Rearrange data using VLOOKUP excel

VLOOKUP is an Excel function to lookup and retrieve data from a specific column in table. This function is lookup a value in a table by matching on the first column. The syntax of the function as follows:
=VLOOKUP (value, table, col_index, [range_lookup])

value - The value to look for in the first column of a table.
table - The table from which to retrieve a value.
col_index - The column in the table from which to retrieve a value.
range_lookup - [optional] TRUE = approximate match (default). FALSE = exact match.

It is very useful, especially in hydrology when you need to rearrange the data based on something (For example, when rearrange rainfall/discharge time series). Here some example:

1- We want to find the state for each station ID (right side of the picture) based on the list of detailed station (left side).

2- Just use and type of the function.
=VLOOKUP (value, table, col_index, [range_lookup])

value = station ID ( The value to look for)
table = list of detailed station (the table from which to retrieve a value).
col_index = no of column. In here, we want to retrieve a value from the state column.
range_lookup = TRUE (approximate match)

3 - You can retrieve the value after completing the formula. Simple! You can complete the rest of the empty cell.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Steady and Unsteady Flows

A good article on the differences and usages of steady and unsteady flows can be referred as follows. The original article from here, published by Ponce (2011).

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Use Web Imagery in Ras Mapper

Hai. I want to use a web imagery from ras mapper. However, i unable to display google hybrid as the web imagery, in which ras mention the error as shown in the second image. How to solve this problem? I take projection file (.pjr) from shp file of the catchment that been build in ArcGIS. Did i using the corrected .pjr?

Try to download and use (.prj) file for UTM Zone where your project is located. You can download it from Thanks